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You Get to Exhale Now

As fore told during Love Month, Pride month continues and it's time to talk about Quiltbag a rom-com.

Is the Moose Head Too Butch? w/ Tyler_Jarret

A comedy of errors but make it Quiltbag!

The "Great Cast" Stan-cast w/ Tyler_Jarret

No one chats like Gaston, no one acts like Gaston, no one produces quality podcasts like Gaston.

It's a Good Movie! w/ GM Leigh

You like dags?

Strap in With Daddy Dredd

Mega-blocks, mega-highways, mega-city one. Strap on in while we talk 2012 Dredd.

In Which Steph Ruins Everything Meg Loves

Do you want to build a snowman?

Haven't You Ever Had a Dream?!

It's time to See The Light as the Fatales discuss their first Disney movie.

You Have Bewitched Me Body and Soul

Love month continues as the Fatales tackle a true classic romance.

Buh Bye, Boys! Have Fun Stormin' the Castle!

It's Love Month and your favorite fatales have some love stories up their sleeves for us.

Chopped: The Impossible Cooking Show

It's our first reality competition show. Let's see if the Fatales are up to the challenge or will they be Chopped?


Don't let the cave in get you down, and don't let these Fatales turn your smile into a frown as this week they talk about Avatar: The Last Airbender

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